Business Auditing Services

Make your business secure with a confirmatory audit checkup

An audit is what keeps your company protected and impeccable from several internal and external inaccuracies. Therefore Silver Oak Auditing and Accounting chartered accountants in Dubai are offering core auditing services for our valuable clients. We work as a corporate advisor and business partner with our clients to enhance their businesses by providing most comprehensive audit services in Dubai.

Among several auditing companies what makes us prominent is the true assurance and practical exposure in the audit industry. Our auditors in Dubai are working in this profession for last 10 years and have gained a noticeable reputation due to the determination and streamlined performance.

We work eagerly to attain satisfactory audit inspections through the performance of essential procedures that enable us to draw practical conclusions from thereon which our chartered accountants and auditors express their opinions on the actual precedence of the company.

Along side of providing audit services in Dubai, we also offer accounting services to improve the financial proceedings of your businesses and help you accomplish the milestones of intensified revenues.


The most important thing for a business to make right decision is information. If business owners make poor decisions based on inadequate and incomplete reports then failure is certain. We the Silver oak auditing management consultants are experienced and experts to provide you the right information you need in order to be successful in your business practice. :

We tell what exactly what has happened in a particular process, what really is happening with a particular process in your business and what exactly is going to happen with that process if it continues in the same way. We suggest effective steps to our clients, and when they apply it and use in their day to day business process, they can get benefits like.

  • Accounting & Advisory
  • Audit services
  • Business Valuation
  • Perspicacity underpass
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Company Liquidation Services



Get exact information about your business that will help you make informed decision and take calculated risks for your business.

Even before you face problems in your business; make a detailed plan and identify the possible issues that you could face in the future.

Get a clear understanding of your business that will help you make the right business plans for the future in order to become successful.

  • We try and identify the key controls in the process, procedures and the operation in your company
  • We analyze the important process, procedures and also the main operations of your business
  • We test the compliance of the sample transactions against the controls
  • We recommend the stronger controls wherever it is necessary
  • We suggest the tried and tested methods to improve your compliance with the keywords
  • We make sure to follow up on all the recommendations that we had made and see what the progress on it is.


The audit services ensure that your company is compliant with the set regulations, standards for financial reporting, rules, contracts, regulations and various grants. We silver oak auditing management consultants provide our audit services to our clients from across the Gulf, and most of our clients are top of companies in United Arab Emirates.